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Temporary Power Services

ide Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of fixed and temporary electrical distribution solutions. We also offer a range of cost effective temporary power services to reduce the overall risk of your project. Our temporary power services include:

Site Surveys

ide assign a project manager to conduct a detailed survey to fully understand your site requirements. We can then manufacture the most effective solution to meet the requirements of your site.


We can provide 17th edition qualified electricians who can carry out a range of on-site installations such as: generator connection, event installation, temporary power installation, site cabin installation and panel installation.

3D CAD Rendering

Our engineers use 3D CAD rendering software to provide technical drawings, allowing you to view your solution before it is manufactured.

Cable Assemblies

ide can provide single-core and multi-core H07RN-F cable in any length for any planned and emergency projects you may have.


We can carry out annual testing on your equipment so that it can be be used on any temporary power installation for the next 12 months.

Generator Modification

Our engineers can carry out specialist tasks on your generator, adding modifications such as: additional sockets, load bank connection points and control panels.

Spare Parts

We have a wide range of spare parts in stock should anything go wrong with your project.



For more information on our temporary power services, fill in our enquiry form and an engineer will contact you to discuss your requirements in further detail.