Renewal of British Superbike Championships Contract

Trackside Power

The power division of Speedy Services has extended its contract with ide Systems to provide power distribution equipment and cabling to the British Superbike Championships (BSB). The contract, which has been extended for three years, means that ide Systems’ power distribution equipment and staff will be used to maintain power to all eleven UK rounds of Britain’s premier superbike championship.

ide Systems provides a wide range of electrical distribution equipment to the British Superbike Championships, including a range of mains distribution boards, single-core and multi-core cable. ide Systems’ engineers are responsible for installing the equipment across the venue, from the pits to the paddock, as well as being on-site around the clock throughout the race weekend in case of any power outages. ide Rental also provides additional equipment to Speedy Services’ power division if required.

“The BSB championship is a highly regarded televised series, meaning that any power outages must be quickly resolved,” explained Rental Manager Stuart Barnett. “Alongside this, the series is certainly not easy to power. At every event, there are significant peaks in power demand. Before the race, teams use all manner of electrical equipment on the grid to prepare the bikes, meaning that the power supply must be constant and able to keep up with spikes in demand.”

“As part of our service offering and maintenance of high quality equipment, we also thoroughly test all equipment every year against BS7671 wiring regulations, to make sure it is suitable for use and to minimise power disruption,” continued Barnett. “Speedy Services’ power division bought brand new equipment from ide Systems, which is exclusively used for the BSB championships. The additional benefit of having 3 Rental Centres across the UK ensure we can provide additional equipment to any race across the country where additional equipment may be required.”

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