Emergency Power Switchboard

Emergency Power – Low Voltage Switchboards

Emergency power systems  play a critical role in supporting medical and healthcare facilities within hospitals, where the continuity of electrical power is vital for patients’ lives and safety. Within a facility there are generally several emergency power systems available which can supply the facility with power during an interruption of the main utility supplied power.

Typically these alternate power sources are made up of one or more diesel power generators, sized to carry, at a minimum, any critical emergency power loads. Power is transferred from the mains utility supply to the alternate power sources using Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) whenever the main supply is interrupted.

In this instance, a local hospital required a customised solution to provide emergency power to one of their main wings. ide’s Design Engineers developed a 400A Switchboard, complete with 36kA remote protection and a fully automatic changeover from either of two mains supplies to standby generator supply upon mains failure and mains return.

The Switchboard was to be located on the outside of the building, therefore it was mounted within a brick effect GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) enclosure – which provided the necessary resistance to fire, extreme weathering and allowed the Switchboard to be relocated onsite.

As part of the service our Electrical Engineers provided follow up after care for the project – providing maintenance checks and testing when required.

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