Research and Development – Generator Power Ancillary Supply Unit

From our wealth of knowledge within ide, covering many different sectors, we regularly find situations within the industry that require a solution. Within the generator power industry we have discovered a requirement for an ancillary socket outlet connection box that can be retrofitted to generator sets. ide’s own Design Engineer set this as a task to further advance our effectiveness in providing solutions within the electrical distribution market.
We started by conducting market research by liaising with various customers to assess their requirements with regard to standard generator outputs. As soon as a trend began to form, we then came up with common dimensions for generator sets to where we could mount a unit, should it be required.After conducting the statistical analysis, designs were drafted to compliment a client’s needs.

Once a standard had been found, further development then led us to add additional features such as, socket outlet protection, angled outlets for ergonomic connection, a hinged protective cover protecting both switch gear and sockets – even when connected to an IP rating.

To make the unit more versatile, we had the enclosure constructed from Polyethene, so while the unit dimensions remain the same, the outlets and switch gear can be changed to suit the client – involving a minimum turn around time.

Once our engineers had manufactured the prototype build with testing and certification, it was time to take on the road. ide provided a solution for non standard supply outlets for generator sets. Through research, design and development we manufactured an affordable supply unit that can be retrofitted to ALL market generator sets and adapted to suit any client’s individual needs.

After introducing the unit to the generator market for the first time, many multinational companies have enquired as to how the ide Systems Generator Power Ancillary Supply Unit can help them reach their aim.

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