Why Generator Connection Points are critical for industrial power applications


gen-connection-copy-256x300ide have supplied solutions to various industrial power applications, such as nuclear power stations – where emergency power supplies are an integral component of the day to day operation. Most nuclear power station’s emergency supplies are diesel driven generators, which provide power to special safety electrical distribution panels when needed.

These panels in turn supply power to the emergency pumps, valves and fans that may be required to operate in event of a postulated catastrophic event. A solution that is effective within this industry is ide’s Generator Connection Points, which can be fitted to the inside or outside of a building, allowing a safe and quick connection of a backup generator to a facility’s electrical system when required.

The unit contains a 3 position switch, which allows the rapid connection of a generator supply. The three position manual changeover switch allows the operator to select the available supply to ensure continuity of supply.

Generator Connection Points are safe, efficient and easy to use – the perfect contingency plan in the event of an unforeseen power outage.

As well as Generator Connection Points, ide have a large stock of single-core cable which can be installed into any industrial power application by our engineers.



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