Testing and Certification –  Assistance that you can count on


Testing temporary power solutionsDue to the advancement of technology , the battlefield is constantly changing – therefore it is essential that our military camps receive  electrical distribution equipment that they can count on for assistance.

ide have been contacted on multiple occasions by military subcontractors to assist in providing sustainable and reliable temporary power distribution equipment for British military camps across the world. In order to meet the required military standards, our temporary power equipment is durable and can be relocated if needed.

The most popular temporary power solutions we have provided to the military include; AMF’s, distribution panels and temporary lighting.However the most important feature of this case study is that in addition to the equipment, after 12 months ide provide a complimentary testing service which involves the collection of the electrical distribution equipment, which is then transported back to our Manufacturing Centre.

Upon arrival at our Manufacturing Centre, our Electrical Engineers retest and certify the equipment  to ensure all military personnel can rely on its function upon arrival back to site.

No matter what industry you are involved in ide has the solution and the dedication to ensure that the power stays on 24/7, 365 days a year.



To find out more about our temporary power solutions send us your requirements and an engineer will contact you shortly.