LV Switchboard Project for Healthcare Facility

LV Switchboard

ide recently designed and installed a 1000A duel fed, containerised LV switchboard to a healthcare facility in the Midlands. The facility required a solution to supply sub distribution throughout a number of its wards, where uninterrupted supply of continuous power is critical.


The LV Switchboard is duel fed (2 x essential mains supplies) for resilience, incorporating mechanical interlocking to facilitate a manual changeover sequence.

The project requirements

Our engineers had to design a solution to be sited where an existing condemned switch room had been demolished, ensuring a seamless interface with the existing building. Our team worked closely with the facility’s estate engineers and architects in order to deliver a speedy and cost effective solution that could be relocated if required.

The LV switchboard is pre-installed within a GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) enclosure and is positioned over a pre-cast cable trench/chamber. The unit avoids the need for a costly pertinently sited brick build structure which allows for future reconfiguration should requirements change.

The latest LV switchboard is the second solution that we have supplied to the healthcare facility to support their power requirements.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of LV switchboards which incorporate various control configurations designed around customer specific requirements.

To find out more about a cost-effective LV switchboard solution to support the needs of your project, send your requirements below and an engineer will contact you to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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