Standard Specification

  • 400V-3phase-4wire-50hz
  • IP31 (standard) to IP55 ingress protection
  • Busbar rating up to 4000amps with full neutral
  • Busbar fault rating-50kA 1/3 sec or 80kA 1 sec
  • Fully rated earth bar with options for supplementary bonding or fully bonded
  • ACB or MCCB devices as standard, fuse switch option available
  • Options up to Form 4 type 6 seperation
  • RAL 7021 external paint finish as standard
  • RAL 7021 external paint finish as standard
  • IP20 Perspex secondary barriers fitted in front of busbars

All boards are built by our expert engineers who offer customisation options based on your requirements.

Main picture is our customised LV Switchboard for a hospital.