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In accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, this policy details the stance taken by IDE and all subsidiaries of IDE, on modern slavery and human trafficking.
Our Commitment
Modern slavery and human trafficking are an abuse of human rights and have no place in our supply chain or in any part of our business.
IDE is committed to ensuring the welfare of all people involved, both directly and indirectly, within its business operations and will take measures to ensure that our colleagues, suppliers and contractors, that we work with, share our values and work in accordance with this policy.
IDE will take the following measures to ensure awareness of our policy:

• Colleagues will be provided with a copy of this policy and access to modern slavery and human trafficking training modules
• Modern slavery and human trafficking information will be included within relevant IDE policy documentation, such as company handbooks and management systems
• Suppliers and contractors will be advised of this policy during ID E’s supplier approval process
• This policy will be made publicly available

Adherence to our Values

IDE expects all colleagues, suppliers and contractors to conduct their business in line with this policy. Should an IDE colleague suspect a breach in IDE’s modern slavery and human trafficking policy, the colleague should immediately report the information to their line manager. If a supplier or contractor suspects a breach of ID E’s modern slavery and human trafficking policy, the breach should be immediately reported to
Should a colleague be found to be in breach of this policy they will face disciplinary action. Should a supplier or contractor breach this policy, they will be removed from IDE’s supply chain.
It is the responsibility of:

• ID E’s board for the implementation, communication and review of this policy
• IDE’s managers to ensure colleagues are aware and understand the requirements of the policy
• IDE’s colleagues to act in accordance with this policy.

Wayne Woodhead

Managing Director July 2020

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