Onsite EV Charger

Our compact electric vehicle charger that can be mountable or placed within a frame, suitable for all industries.


  • > Input: 32A 400V 5 or 3 Pin IP67 Inlet or Hardwire with adaptable mounting plate. No protection – requires connecting to a 32A RCBO outlet.
  • > Output: Type 2 Charging socket, 3 phase capable, locking pin for cable security. PEN and DC 6mA protection
  • > ON/OFF: Key switch to enable charging, three settings ‘OFF’, 16A or 32A
  • > Mounting: 4 M5 studs and clamp plate. Clamp plate used for mounting to IDE SD range and on-site fencing /boarding etc.
  • > Adapters: 32A 1 phase socket, 32A 3 phase socket, blanking plate for rear cable entry, gland plate for bottom entry hard wire
  • > Dimensions: H167 x L245 x D175 (mm)
  • > LED Indicators: Blue = Ready Green = Charging Red = Error 
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