16A Single Phase Cable

16A single phase cable is designed to connect the temporary power network from the generator directly to the end user. The 16A single phase (400V) extension lead is fitted with a 16A 5 pin IP44 Mennekes plug and coupler at each end.

Technical Information

Sizes available:

> 5 Metres

> 10 Metres

> 15 Metres

> 20 Metres

> 25 Metres

> 50 Metres

The cable used is 2.5mm 5core H07RN-F Double insulated, Ethylene Propylene Rubber, flexible cable designed to withstand; the weather, oils/greases, mechanical and thermal stresses. Conforms to BS EN 7919.

Approximate weight per metre – 0.215kg

All  cable is available to purchase or hire and can be made up in lengths ranging from 1-100M.

16A single phase cable can be terminated with IP67 plugs and couplers if required.

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