DC EV Charger

IDEV Multi Stand Charger Product Description > The Terra 124 is a connected charging station designed for convenient fast charging of vehicles equipped. > Combined Charging Standard (CCS), also known as Combo-2 (for Europe). > 120 kilowatts of charging power, it can charge electric vehicles in a short time, with a voltage level up to 920V for CCS. > The Terra 124 can charge one car with max. 120 kW (with max. 200A), or 2 cars simultaneously with max. 60kW (each with max. 200A). Popular Applications > For the fast charging of EV cars, vans, busses, and coaches at events, race circuits, temporary units where repairs are being undertaken on current units

Technical Information

Incomer is selectable between-400A 3 phase + N

Powerlock set/ 125A 5 pin IP67 plug (unit must be set to restricted output).

Incomer connection Single car charge Duel car charge

400a 3 phase + Neutral 120 kW 60kW 125a 3 phase plug 80 kW 40 kW

Size: H2102 x W998 x D1246 (mm)

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