From highway renovations to new project developments, IDE has supplied temporary power solutions to a wide range of projects within the construction industry.

How we work in the construction industry

Our temporary power equipment is designed to withstand the tough conditions of construction sites and is used to power site cabins, heaters, lighting, tools and plant equipment.

We are a forward-thinking business who designs efficient solutions to help you monitor your on-site power usage, which can help contribute to lowering the overall carbon emissions of your project. All of our temporary power solutions are tried and trusted within the construction industry and are designed to meet the ISO9001:2015 accreditation. We manufacture our equipment using the highest quality components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Construction Product Support

Site Distribution Boards

Robust solutions (ranging from 125A-4000A) designed to distribute temporary power from one area to another. Easy to relocate across site and can be hardwired into the nearest temporary generator.

Site Transformers

10kVA and 20kVA step down site transformers are safe, easy to use and are used to supply temporary power on-site for power tools. Their high visibility steel enclosure makes it easy for others to identify when using heavy duty equipment.

Cable Solutions

HO7RN-F cable is a simple, easy to use solution which is used to make connection from the temporary generator to the site distribution boards. We also provide armoured cable solutions which are more hard wearing, to suit the needs of a busy construction site.

Erica Smart Power

Smart power distribution is a concept that is designed to add value to your project as it allows you to monitor the power usage on each socket from your laptop or smart device. Monitoring your data more effectively will help contribute to significantly reducing your on-site carbon emissions.

How IDE can help your project:

  • We can design and build temporary power solutions from scratch to meet the requirements of your site.
  • Our trusted engineers can provide technical support and recommend the most effective solution for your site.
  • We can provide smart power distribution equipment which will allow you to monitor on-site power usage – helping to reduce the overall cost of your project and meet environmental targets.
  • We offer a fully comprehensive service, from determining your requirements to delivery and collection, we ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.
  • Our temporary power solutions are available for hire and purchase which ensure support for both short-term and long-term construction projects.


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