From dockside refurbishments to ship connection, IDE specialises in designing fixed and temporary power solutions which are expertly engineered to meet the needs of your project.

Our work with Ports/Marine projects

We work closely with our clients to understand the needs of their project and work out the most effective way of managing and distributing temporary power across their site. We also offer specialist advice and support on upgrading their existing fixed power distribution solutions.

All of our fixed and temporary power solutions are tried and trusted within the ports/marine industry and are designed to stand up against harsh environments. We manufacture our equipment using the highest quality components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Ports/Marine Product Support

Outdoor Power Clusters

Fixed power solutions which can be positioned into the ground to connect cranes and other lifting equipment safely to a mains power supply.

Welding Cradles

IP rated equipment which can be relocated across your site to supply temporary power for ship maintenance and dockside refurbishment.

Mains Distribution Boards

This solution can be used to supply temporary dockside power for ship connection and can be modified to suit the conditions of your working environment.

Cable Solutions

Used to make temporary connection from the mains power supply to the end application, we use IP rated rubber flex cable which is available to purchase or hire depending on the needs of your project.

Smart Power Distribution

A concept that allows you to monitor the power usage in ship to shore applications from your laptop or smart device. Monitoring your data more efficiently will help to effectively optimise your on-site power consumption. The concept can be built into a wide range of our temporary power applications.

How IDE can help your project 

  • It starts with a conversation. Our engineers meet you to assess your site’s temporary power needs. We then design a fixed or relocatable temporary power solution to support the needs of your project.
  • We identify opportunities to make your site’s temporary power network more efficient.
  • We have experience working on large projects and have the capability to meet tight demanding deadlines.
  • We design and build equipment to meet your specification, taking into consideration the layout and infrastructure of your site.