Facilities Management

From refurbishments to renovations and temporary shutdowns, IDE has supplied a range of fixed and temporary contingency power solutions to a wide range of Facilities Management projects across the UK.

Our work with the Facilities Management sector

We specialise in designing solutions that allow a quick connection to a back-up power source in the event of power failure/shutdown. We can also supply temporary overlays when maintenance work is carried out on your facility’s existing switchgear.

All of our contingency power solutions are tried and trusted within the Facilities Management industry and are designed with the end user in mind. We manufacture our equipment using the highest quality components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Facilities Management Product Support

Automatic/Manual Changeovers

A quick and easy solution designed to divert power from your electrical supply to your back-up generator in the event of a power failure. Most commercial facilities require a changeover panel to support the back-up generator as a standard part of their contingency power package.

Generator Connection Point

This solution is designed to restore power to critical applications. It can be fitted inside or outside of a building, allowing a safe and quick connection of a back up generator to your facility’s electrical system when required.

Load bank Connection

We supply temporary solutions which can be connected to your load bank when the back-up generator is undergoing testing/maintenance. Regular load banking is strongly advised to ensure that your generator will perform when the need arises.

MRI Connection Points

Designed to supply power to a range of mobile unit diagnostic modalities such as CT, MRI and PET scanners, our MRI Connection Points are a vital component of most MRI installation projects. Equipment can be wall mounted or house in a steel crash frame, depending on the needs of your facility.

Temporary Overlays

Designed to suit the needs of your facility, we can provide temporary overlays to supply power to areas that have been shut down while maintenance work is being carried out on existing switchgear.

Cable Management 

This solution is used to make connection from your facility to the back-up power supply and supporting contingency power solution. Our cables can be terminated with lugs or powerlocks and are rubber flex, which makes it easier for engineers to move around your facility, without causing disruption to business operations.


IDE can provide high quality cable for interconnection of temporary facilities up to 300mm cross section and varying lengths, and with lugs or powerlocks.

How IDE can help your project

  • We offer full site surveys beforehand to determine the needs of your facility and then advise and install the right solution to support your project.
  • Our engineers are experienced in designing solutions to solve problems, carefully considering sizing and specifying solutions that work in partnership with your facility’s existing set-up.
  • We have the experience to assess and determine the risks that your business would face should the existing power equipment fail.
  • We have an adaptable approach to your project and can modify solutions should your requirements change.
  • We can take care of the whole process, from assessing your site to designing and installing equipment, with specialist after-care upon the completion of your project.
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