About IDE

IDE is an integrated temporary power distribution provider with a widely recognised name in the design and manufacture of industry-leading products.

We’re wholeheartedly committed to the very highest standards of engineering quality in our core and bespoke solutions, and we service the UK and global export markets too.

Our unrivalled experience in temporary power stretches across a broad range of industry sectors. This enables us to respond to our clients’ requests innovatively, and with great versatility. So, whether you have a technical challenge or operational goal, IDE can design a product or business support package to perfectly meet your needs.

And what’s more, we can offer many additional services. These include site surveys, advice on asset optimisation, installation of fixed distribution, and added functionality to portable generators – to name just a few.

How can we help?

Speak to us and we promise you’ll talk to an engineering professional. No scripts. Just genuine insight.