From major indoor arenas, to conference suites and exhibition halls, IDE has supplied a wide range of fixed and temporary power solutions to venues and facilities across the UK.

Supporting major venues across the world

Our equipment can be specifically designed to meet the layout and structure of your venue and is easily relocated if required. As a bolt-on service, we can provide annual testing and upgrade any existing out-of-date equipment.

All of our fixed and temporary power solutions are tried and trusted within the industry and are designed to be safe, reliable and easy to use. We manufacture our equipment using the highest quality components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Venue Product Support

Indoor Power Clusters

The Indoor Power Cluster is designed as a wall mounted, compact solution which is fed from the mains supply allowing a safe and quick connection of cable to distribute power effectively across your venue.

Event Distribution Boards

Compact solutions (ranging from 16A-400A) designed to distribute temporary power from one area to another. Easy to relocate across site and blends in well with the surrounding environment.

Cabling Solutions

Multi-core HO7RN-F cable is a simple, easy to use solution which is used to make connection from one distribution board to another. Rubber flex, which makes it easier to relocate, this solution can be covered by our cable ramps so not to interrupt your event.

Generator Connection Point

This solution is designed to restore power to critical applications. It can be fitted inside or outside of a building, allowing a safe and quick connection of a back-up generator to your facility’s electrical system when required.

Temporary Overlays

Designed to suit the needs of your venue, we can provide temporary overlays to supply power to areas that have been shut down while maintenance work is being carried out on existing switchgear.

Automatic/Manual Changeover Panels

A quick and easy solution designed to divert power from your electrical supply to your back-up generator in the event of a power failure. Most commercial venues require a changeover panel to support the back-up generator as a standard part of their contingency power package.

How IDE can help your project

  • We carefully plan and design solutions that minimalize risk to your business operations in the event of power failure.
  • We can offer expert advice on the most effective fixed or temporary power solutions to distribute power across your venue.
  • We provide specialised after-care on every project and offer annual testing on existing temporary power equipment.
  • We can conduct a detailed site survey to upgrade any existing out of date equipment.
  • We can work closely with your FM and procurement staff to effectively optimise your temporary power network and advise on asset management.
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