Generator Industry

Whether you are looking to purchase or hire equipment, IDE has the knowledge and experience to effectively manage the temporary power distribution for your project.

How we support the Generator Industry

Our temporary power distribution equipment is compatible with all different types of generators and is designed to be relocatable across site. We also design and build solutions that allow a quick connection to a back-up power source in the event of power failure/shutdown.

All of our temporary power distribution solutions are tried and trusted within the industry and are designed to conform to the ISO9001:2015 accreditation. We manufacture our equipment using the highest quality components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability against chemical corrosion and extreme weather conditions.

Generator Industry Product Support

Generator Connection Point

This solution is designed to restore power to critical applications. It can be fitted inside or outside of a building, allowing a safe and quick connection of a back-up generator to your client’s electrical system when required. Often included as an added value solution when pitching contingency plans to businesses.

Automatic/Manual Changeovers

A quick and easy solution designed to divert power from your client’s electrical supply to the back-up generator in the event of a power failure. Most commercial facilities require a changeover panel to support the back-up generator as a standard part of their contingency power package.

Mains Distribution (630A – 4000A)

Often used to support long-term projects, our mains distribution boards are designed to supply temporary power to a wide range of applications. All solutions are manufactured from stainless steel and are easily relocatable across site. Like all of our products, our mains distribution boards can be engineered to suit the requirements of your project.

Event Distribution Boards (16A – 400A)

Compact solutions designed to distribute temporary power from one area to another. Easy to relocate across site and blends in well with the surrounding environment. Our event boards are designed with an emergency stop button as an additional safety feature and have USB sockets which allow for on-site device charging.

Erica Smart Power 

A concept that allows you to monitor the power usage on each socket from your laptop or smart device. Monitoring your data more effectively will help contribute to your client significantly reducing their on-site carbon emissions. The concept can be built into a wide range of applications, including: event distribution boards, mains distribution boards and site distribution boards.

Site Distribution Boards

Robust solutions (ranging from 125A-4000A) designed to distribute temporary power from one area to another. Easy to relocate across site and can be hardwired into the nearest temporary generator. This solution is often used on construction projects to power site cabins, lighting, heaters, tools and plant equipment.

Cable Solutions

For event applications, plug and play multi-core cable is regularly used to connect the temporary power network from the generator directly to the end user.

We also offer single-core cable which can be terminated with lugs or power lock ends to make connections to standby or permanent generators. All of our cable solutions are available for purchase or hire and can be turned around quickly to support your project.

Why choose IDE as a trusted partner in temporary power?

  • We have worked with key generator suppliers within the industry over the last twenty years to provide the most efficient and reliable temporary power solutions, gaining a reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier in the process.
  • We have the expertise to advise on the most efficient temporary power distribution network for your project – saving you valuable time and money.
  • We understand that budgets can sometimes be tight and we strive to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your project.
  • We can provide smart power distribution equipment which will allow you to monitor on-site power usage – helping to reduce the overall cost of your project and saving money for your customer.
  • We have three rental centres across the UK, backed up by our manufacturing facility in the Midlands where temporary power solutions can be built to suit your requirements.
  • We start with a strategic conversation to work out what’s best for your business. This might mean working together closely to find the right balance between buying and renting equipment, considering any unique concerns you have about expenditure.


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