Identify areas where energy can be reduced using smart technology.

erica energy management tool plays an important role in designing cost effective and low carbon solutions for temporary power installations.

How does the energy management and control system, Erica, work?

  • The Erica module is fitted into a site distribution board, which means no additional equipment is required onsite. 
  • The Erica module is then connected to WIFI or 4G to send power usage data straight to the online dashboard.
  • The online dashboard allows you to view live power usage and turn power on and off to certain areas of the site using the      scheduler. 
  • By measuring power loads over time, and across an entire site installation the power needs can be analysed to determine the best mix of diesel generator, hybrid and alternative power sources.


Where can Erica be used?

Erica can be used within construction sites, as it is aimed at managing and reducing the energy waste from cabins, such as electric radiators, hot water heaters and drying room dehumidifiers. Events, festivals and the Film and TV industry can benefit from the energy management and control system.


Why use Erica?

The Erica module is contained within the site distribution board, meaning no additional equipment is required on site. The erica site board can be hardwired or socketed (plug & play). Reducing site energy consumption provides sites/sets with the opportunity to downsize large, noisy diesel generators with smaller ones or move to low carbon solutions, such as battery hybrid units, solar pods or an electricity grid connection from renewable sources.




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Features and benefits of smart power distribution

  • > IDE designed embedded power measurement hub measures power characteristics
  • > Per socket monitoring for ultimate detail
  • > Data sent via the cloud every few seconds
  • > User friendly dashboard to view real time data
  • > Power management algorithms can be embedded to locally control demand
  • > Infinite data store to hold measurement history for periodic analysis
  • > Data available in industry standard analysis tools eg Microsoft PowerBI

Erica in Construction Case Study

Site power monitoring solution helping to reduce power usage and Carbon emissions.

Erica in Events Case Study

Site power monitoring solution helping to reduce power usage and Carbon emissions.

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