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A combination of both rental and purchase requirements for significant boards and cables for a shutdown in a large refinery. Our team worked with the engineering team to develop a solution that met this challenging requirement.


South Wales, UK


Oil & Gas


Inline Protection


> Major shutdown on a large refinery. 

> The customer required a bespoke sales & rental temporary power solution to satisfy the end user. 

> Working with the engineering team closely to provide the solution effectively. 


> The initial conversation were between IDE sales and customer project engineers. Further meetings were held between IDE operations team & project engineers. Commercials were discussed & agreed from a project perspective. 

> They purchased 4 x 3200A In line Protection units from IDE. 

> Delivered in 4 weeks from the date of purchase. 

> They rented a significant amount of distribution boards and cables as ‘top up’ solution to their project. 

> End goal was to meet the end users expectations & deliver a solution that exceeded customer expectations. 

Benefits of working with IDE

  • > Finding the right and sustainable solution for your project
  • > Working with suppliers to integrate sustainability elements onsite
  • > Innovative products and services with technical support
  • > Manufactured in the UK by our expert design engineers
  • > Shaking up the temporary power industry with passion led products
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