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We worked with a core client who required our equipment for a leading mechanical and electrical engineering contractor who operate across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe, and directly employ over 1,200 highly-skilled professionals.








> Overcoming significant constant load of distribution equipment and board in a high temperature environment. 

> Our client were tasked at providing a significant amount of 400a distribution boards  (60+) and cabling in a very tight timescale to be shipped to a data center in Ireland. 

> The continuous power and temperature caused heat issues on the boards and cabling, putting stress on the plugs, couplers and sockets. This resulted in discoloration of some sockets. 

> The site required 9MW of constant power for 8 hours a day in an ambient temperature of over 30oC 


> In order to ensure that the boards were operating correctly, from concerns from the client, IDE sent an engineer to Ireland to test the distribution boards through out the night. This included torque checking 1,000’s of screws and nuts. 

> Following successful testing of the boards, the client was happy to continue with the load bank testing. 


> Providing industry knowledge and experience to our clients project when required. 

> Being the preferred supplier and going above and beyond to ensure installation ran smoothly. 

> IDE built the boards to the required specification in a couple of weeks. 


Benefits of working with IDE 

  • > Finding the right and sustainable solution for your project
  • > Working with suppliers to integrate sustainability elements onsite 
  • > Innovative products and services with technical support
  • > Manufactured in the UK by our expert design engineers 
  • > Shaking up the temporary power industry with passion led products 
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