Temporary Power Network For British Super Bikes


The British Superbike (BSB) Championship is growing in popularity, with 20,000–50,000 or more people attending each of the twelve race weekends throughout the season.

Innovations in corporate hospitality and the introduction of temporary living quarters means that the venues now resemble small cities rather than traditional racing circuits, making it even more vital that power is not interrupted during the crucial live TV broadcast of the events.

As a result, temporary power requirements for the event are growing year-on-year, with a reliable supply needed in key areas of the venues, from the pit crews that need to power race equipment, computers and tools, to the corporate hospitality areas that need to power fridges and the heating systems.

With all the teams on the site working to a tight schedule, any interruption or downtime could cause severe consequences for the event.

Our Service

Due to our knowledge and experience in the temporary power sector, ide was contacted by Speedy Services to provide specialist support to the British Superbike Championship. Part of this service involved the set up and decommission of a wide range of temporary power solutions across the 12 race weekends.

Many of the race weekends throughout the season are held at different venues across the UK, which means that it is crucial for ide engineers to know each venue like the back of their hand.

A survey was conducted beforehand on each venue to work out how to deliver temporary power effectively across key areas of the site without causing issues for those involved with the event.

Race teams arrive at each event on Thursday to set up. This means that ide engineers have to be on-site on Wednesday and have the installation set up and ready on the same day before the teams arrive on Thursday.

Contingency Planning

Our engineers remain on-site across the race weekend to provide 24/7 support to the event. This ensures a rapid response to any technical issues and power interruptions.

It is not just the individual venues that our engineers must consider when installing temporary power equipment on-site at the BSB race events. Our engineers have built special one-to-one relationships with race teams ensuring they have the right amount of temporary power distribution equipment for their paddocks and team bus. We ensure that each of our three rental centres are on standby each race weekend should the event require any extra equipment.

Tried and Trusted

Our continued support of the event over the years has led to the company being involved in multiple temporary power contracts within the motorsport sector such as the World Superbike Championship and the World Motorcross Grand Prix.

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