The benefits of using IDEV Chargers:

  • > Set up in minutes.
  • > Easy to deploy, transport and store.
  • > Simple plug and play design.
  • > Portable and free standing.
  • > Charge up to 2 x electric vehicles at the same time.
  • > Dynamic load sharing - group of chargers set to a maximum kW.
  • > EV charger units include a cloud-based billing and operating system. Charging sessions are managed via a mobile APP (iOS & Android).

Portable, Robust & Reliable EV Chargers. 

IDEV SmartCharge AC EV Chargers. 

The IDEV SmartCharge AC charging unit has been designed to charge electric vehicles from a temporary power source. 

Purchase or Hire EV Chargers.

For a Construction Site.


Purchase or Hire EV Chargers.

For Events and Festivals.

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Purchase or Hire EV Chargers.

Temporary facilities.

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