A 63A three-phase (400V) power distribution box designed to distribute temporary power from one area to another. The 63A plug and play distribution board is easy to relocate across site and blends in with the surrounding environment. .

Technical Information

All switchgear and Tri-rated wiring is housed within a purpose built polyethylene enclosure, with recessed socket and switchgear panels for mechanical protection. Transparent windows are used to allow visual identification of the switchgear status and allow access in event of a trip. The enclosure incorporates integrated carry handles, common stacking rails, external brass earth stud and all necessary electrical hazard warning identification.

The enclosure is fabricated from black 10mm thick 300-grade high density polyethylene, offering good impact resistance, chemical resistance and high rigidity. Density of 0.96 g/cm³, less than 0.01% moisture absorption, service temperature from -50 to +80°C with greater than 1014 surface resistance. IK09 Rated


  • Incomer: 63A 400V 3P+N+E IP67 Appliance Inlet. Protection: 63A 4 Pole C-Type MCB
  • Outgoing: 63A 400V 3P+N+E IP44 Pnl Mnt Skt. Feedthrough not protected
  • Outgoing: 2 x 32A 400V 3P+N+E IP44 Pnl Mnt Skt. Protection: 2 x 32A 4Pole C-Type MCB c/w Adjustable Earth Leakage
  • Outgoing: 3 x 32A 230V 1P+N+E IP44 Pnl Mnt Skt. Protection: 3 x 32A 2 Pole 30mA C-Type RCBO
  • Outgoing: 9 x 16A 230V 1P+N+E IP44 Pnl Mnt Skt. Protection: 9 x 16A 2 Pole 30mA C-Type RCBO
  • Suits Generator Size: 30-50Kva
  • Dimensions: H600 x W550 x D495 (mm)
  • Weight: 36kg

All temporary power distribution boxes are manufactured by ide Systems Ltd in the UK and tested to BS 7671 (12 Months Certification) and the products used within our distribution systems conform to EN 60309, EN 60529, EN 60947 and have a 12 month warranty.


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