From major sporting events to blockbuster film and TV projects, IDE has provided temporary power solutions to some of the world’s most prestigious indoor and outdoor events. We work closely with you to specify the right temporary power network for your project.

Our work in the events industry

Our temporary power distribution equipment is designed to cater for all event requirements – supporting generators, entertainment stages, PA systems, lighting, audio visual equipment and refreshment areas.

All of our temporary power solutions are tried and trusted within the event industry and are designed with the end user in mind. We manufacture our equipment using the highest quality components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Event Power Product Support

Event Distribution Boards (16A-400A)

Compact solutions designed to distribute temporary power from one area to another. Easy to relocate across site and blends in well with the surrounding environment. Our plug and play solutions ensure a quick connection from local generators directly to the end user and include safety features such as emergency stops and individual socket protection to ensure that the entire temporary power network is protected.

Mains Distribution Boards (630A – 4000A)

High current temporary power distribution boards designed for connection to central generators. Often used on large scale events, our mains distribution boards are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and can be relocated to support the set-up and decommission of different areas of your site.

Automatic/Manual Changeover

A quick and easy solution designed to divert power from your main generator to the back-up generator in the event of a power failure. Our event changeovers are easy to operate and are housed in high density polyethylene enclosures to combat against harsh weathering conditions.

Cable Solutions

Multi-core HO7RN-F cable is a simple, easy to use solution which is used to connect the temporary power network from the generator directly to the end user. Rubber flex, which makes it easier to relocate, this solution can be covered by our cable ramps so not to interrupt your event. HO7RN-F cable is IP rated and designed to withstand oil/greases, water damage and mechanical/thermal stresses.

Erica Smart Power

A concept that allows you to monitor the power usage on each socket from your laptop or smart device. Monitoring your data more effectively will help optimise your temporary power network and contribute to reducing on-site carbon emissions. The concept can be built into a wide range of applications, including: event distribution boards, mains distribution boards and site distribution boards.

Why choose IDE as a trusted partner in temporary power? 

  • We have worked with key generator suppliers within the industry over the last twenty years to provide the most efficient and reliable temporary power solutions.
  • We have four strategically placed centres across the UK ensuring that you have access to temporary power equipment no matter where your event is.
  • We are not your average temporary power supplier. We work with your business in advance to plan, design and manage your temporary power distribution requirements from start to finish. All of our temporary power distribution solutions are manufactured for both sales and hire.
  • We have trusted professionals who have many years’ experience providing specialist advice and support on temporary power distribution solutions to the events industry.
  • We are a forward-thinking business who design efficient solutions to help you monitor your on-site power usage.
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