IDE Onsite + EV Charger

The IDEV Onsite + AC charging unit has been designed to charge electric vehicles from a temporary power source. Housed in a steel enclosure suitable for outdoors, this EV charger has 2 x type 2 charge sockets, for a selection of models to suit all input requirements. Portable charging unit for ease of use. Up to 3 charge units, 6 charging points can be connected in line and powered from a single 63A 3 phase supply, or 6 modules with 12 charging points in “low power” mode.

Technical Information

> Input: Optional configurations for 32A 3 Phase, 63A Single Phase, 63A 3 Phase and feedthrough 63A 3 Phase.
> Output: 2 x Type 2 Charging socket, 3 phase capable, locking pin for cable security. PEN and DC 6mA protection.
> ON/OFF Key switch to enable charging, three settings ‘OFF’, 16A or 32A.
> Phase Selector: Phase selector switch to balance phases during set up. Three phase only.
> Dimensions: H600 x W350 x D180 (mm)

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