Introducing the latest in product innovation. Key Features: >  Fully automatic plug in transfer switch >  IEC 60947-6-1 tested and fulfils the requirements of Part 6-1. >  Lockable manual transition mode >  Large legible lamp mode indicators > Reliable motorized switch

Technical Information

> Input 1 (Mains): 125A 400V 5 pin IP67 inlet.
> Switching Method: Motorized open transition
> Input 2 (Generator): 125A 400V 5 pin IP67 inlet.
> Switching method: 125A 4 pole contactor
> Outgoing (Load) : 125A 400V 5 pin IP67 socket. Protection: N/A
> Aux: 16A 230V 3 Pin outlet fed from 16A RCBO 30mA


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